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Core Values

G.R. Birdwell Construction was founded in 1977 by Gene Birdwell who had a vision that he could build a successful industrial civil construction company by focusing on solid principles. Throughout the years, G.R. Birdwell Construction has built a solid reputation by consistently delivering quality construction services. Our clients range from multi-national petrochemicals to municipal and government agencies. We have a strong customer base of liquid storage terminal facilities and we have developed a reputation for tackling specialized site and civil projects. Construction of tank foundations and associated site work is a specialty for us, and we have extensive experience in sourcing soil improvement techniques, as well as performing specialized concrete pours.

Mission Statement



The safety of our employees and customers is paramount



Delivering high quality results through extra effort and diligence



Providing the most value possible, though experience and innovation

The success of this mission can be measured in steady and consistent corporate growth and a client base that has expanded from Houston to encompass the entire Gulf Coast. Our safety profile and performance statistics are excellent and signify our commitment to the principles of Safety, Quality and Value.

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Current EMR: .71 | Superior D&B Rating